• Exchange Policy

    Exchange Policy

    We do not accept exchanges for Change of Mind Returns, given that all items are made to order.

    We only accept exchanges for items falling under the following categories: 

    ● Defective Product Returns

    ● Damaged in Transit Returns

    ● Incorrect Item Returns


    14-Day Exchange Policy:

    You have 14 days from the date of receiving your item to request an exchange. To initiate an exchange, please contact us at hello@nofio.co.

     If your exchange is approved, we'll provide a return shipping label along with instructions on where and how to send your package. Items returned without prior exchange authorization will not be accepted.

    For any exchange-related queries, feel free to reach out to us at hello@nofio.co.


    Damages and Issues:

    Upon receiving your order, please inspect it promptly. If the item is defective, damaged, or if you receive the wrong item, contact us immediately at hello@nofio.co. We will assess the issue and make it right.



     We do not offer or accept refunds due to the ‘made to order' nature of our items. However, we do offer product exchanges for Defective Products, products Damaged in Transit, and Incorrect Items.



    European Union 14-Day Cooling Off Period:

    Notwithstanding the above, if the merchandise is being shipped into the European Union, you have the right to cancel or return your order within 14 days, for any reason and without justification. As mentioned earlier, your item must be in the same condition that you received it, unworn or unused, with tags, and in its original packaging. Proof of purchase is required.

  • NUA failing to detect Valve Index HMD USB devices - USB devices Issues

    Description: Connection from the Valve Index to the Nofio1 Head unit OR from the PC to the Nofio1 Base unit may not be correct.

    Possible causes:

    • Nofio1 Occulink cable may not be connected properly from the Nofio1 Head unit to the Valve Index Headset
    • Valve Index is in weird power state (denoted by red LEDs shown on the front)
    • Nofio1 Base unit may not be connected to user PC via the USB-A to USB-C connection.
    • Nofio1 Head unit in odd state preventing proper claiming of USB devices.


    • Ensure Nofio1 Occulink cable is connected firmly from the Nofio1 Head unit to the Valve Index HMD.
    • Re-plug the Nofio1 Occulink cable from the Nofio1 Head unit to power cycle the Valve Index HMD. Valve Index HMD should show Blue LEDs when ready for use.
    • Ensure Nofio1 Base unit is connected to the PC running NUA and SteamVR via the USB-A to USB-C connection.
    • Power cycle (Turn OFF and ON) the Nofio1 Head unit.
  • Audio drop out and never returns

    Description: System has entered an odd audio error state (known bug)

    Possible causes:

    • Experienced a brief bad state in the wireless during normal gameplay.
    • Obstruction of the antennas w/ an object capable of obstructing RF signals.
    • Distance between the base and head nofio1 units are too far from each other.


    • Un-plug the DP cable on the base unit. Upon re-establishing video connection audio should resume. If audio has not resumed once video is being displayed, retry the un-plug but while the video is reconnecting, open the 'Volume mixer' in windows and keep pressing the audio slider to ping the windows notification sound. Do this until audio resumes.
    • Restart SteamVR session. Upon restart audio should resume. If audio does not resume post restart SteamVR, try restarting Base and Head units. If audio still does not resume, PC could be in a weird audio state, restart PC.
  • Audio drops out briefly and comes back - (Running Steam VR - Audio Issues)

    Description: System has entered an odd audio error state and returned to normal

    Possible causes:

    • Experienced a brief bad state in the wireless during normal gameplay.
    • Obstruction of the antennas w/ an object capable of obstructing RF signals.
    • Distance between the base and head nofio1 units are too far from each other.


    • Audio should recover as normal and the system returns to its normal state. Should the system continuously cause this issue to keep happening, perhaps try restarting the base and head units.
  • Long duration of pixelated video over a period of time - (Running SteamVR - Normal Use Issues)

    Description: Nofio1 Head unit is in a less than ideal state for the wireless performance to work properly

    Possible causes:

    • Distance between the Nofio1 Head unit and Nofio1 Base unit are a considerable amount away from each other. Outside possibly our recommended play area.
    • Metal objects around the Nofio1 Base/Head unit antennas.
    • Metal objects in-between the Nofio1 Base and Head units.
    • Wi-Fi interference from a device on the same Wi-Fi channel as the Nofio1 units


    • Move closer and within the recommended play area space for Nofio1 Units.
    • Move away any Metal objects which are placed close to the Nofio1 Base/Head antennas. Do not cover the antennas with any metallic materials.
    • Move away any metal objects that are placed in-between the Nofio1 Base/Head units.
    • Restart base device.
    • If any problems persists after attempting resolution, please contact support team. Capture diagnostic report to append to ticket.
  • Nofio1 USB over Ethernet intermittently connecting/disconnecting from PC

    Description: PC is detecting Nofio1 unit USB devices to be connecting/disconnecting from units.

    Possible causes:

    • USB-A to USB-C cable from PC side used to connect Nofio1 hardware is faulty. Check USB cable.
    • USB-A to USB-C cable from Nofio1 Base/Head side is not firmly connected. Ensure connection.


    • Check that USB-A to USB-C cable is fully functional and correctly connected to both PC and Nofio1 Base/Head unit sides.
  • Nofio1 USB over Ethernet failing to connect to PC - (USB Devices Issues)

    Description: PC will detect the Nofio1 unit as an unrecognized device.

    Possible causes:

    • PC is in a weird state. Fails to enumerate the Nofio1 USB devices.
    • Nofio1 units are in a weird state, Fails to properly connect to PC


    • Restart PC, after restart check to see if Nofio1 Units are detected by PC.
    • Restart the Nofio1 units. Check that they are detected by the PC after reboot.
  • Continuous blinking blue LED after powering on devices

    Description: System left OFF with PWR cable still connected

    Possible causes: System left powered in OFF state without hot-plugging the device after a long period of time

    Resolution: Hot-plug the PWR cable and turn back on the device.

  • Blinking Yellow LED shown on Head device when booting

    Description: Not enough power provided to device.

    Possible Causes:

    • User is powering Nofio1 Head unit via PC with USB-A to USB-C to the head device.
    • User is using incorrect power supply to power the head device.


    • Use supplied Nofio1 battery or an equivalent power source to provide enough power to the nofio1 head unit.
  • Solid/Blinking Red LED shown during normal run time - (Temperature Issues)

    Description: Device thermal temperature detected too hot.

    Possible Causes:

    • Fan stopped spinning due to being obstructed/broken
    • Ambient room temperature is too hot


    • Remove anything that could be obstructing the fan. If fan is still not running, contact support.
    • Turn off for a period of time to allow cooling of system. If system keeps overheating while in a cooled room, contact support.